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We wish to inform that the meter reading for December 2017 will be conducted on 31 December, 2017 instead of 29 December, 2017 as informed earlier in our letter dated 7 November, 2016. This is incompliance with the new accounting standard. 

We would appreciate if you could make the necessary arrangement to ensure that the GMB Meter Readers are able to enter your premise on the meter reading day.

Natural Gas Daily Quantity

We wish to inform you that our supplier has imposed certain restriction regrading our request for additional gas supply to cater for increasing demand by our customers.

Given so and in order to ensure system stability, the following measures shall be taken with immediate effect:

i)   All customers are to adhere and to limit their usage of gas up to the approved Daily Quantity (DQ);

ii)  Request for additional DQ and temporary increase of DQ will only be considered for extenuating circumstances;

iii) Excess Gas Charge shall strctly be imposed.

Based on discussion with our supplier, indication are that full supply shall be available by October 2017.

We sincerely regret for any inconvenience caused. We will update you if there is any change of situation.

Tariff Booklet

We are pleased to publish our 'Tariff Booklet' for your reference. Mouse over the 'Notices' menu and click 'Download' to download this booklet. Please contact GMB account manager should you have any inquiry.

GMB Tariff 2017 and Meter Reading Schedule

Please be informed that 2017 tariff rate and meter reading schedule are available for download. Mouse over 'Notices' menu and click 'download' to download both documents.